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I have to admit that I thought Gossip Girl was all but finished after last season. There was the awful threesome storyline with Hilary Duff, the annoying assassin game, and Little J’s desperate attempts to bed Chuck and Nate for which she succeeded with the former. In my opinion, I wouldn’t have blinked if the series was cancelled. That all changed tonight.

I don’t know what the writers are doing this season, but they are doing something right. Starting out the season in Paris was genius and the scene between Chuck and Blair at the train station tonight was epic. Let’s just hope they can transition this magic back into the Upper East Side when the whole gang reunites next week. And keep Little J as far away as possible. I think we’re all better off without her.


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Last year, Gossip Girl started with the mantra OMG! which later became OMFG!  Now, the editors for the hit series have done it again.  OMD – Oh Mon Dieu!  This season, we start in Paris where everyone is looking for love.  I can not wait for Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries, and 90210 to start up again.  It’s been years since I’ve watched this many shows on the WB CW.

Gossip Girl premieres on September 13.  Will you be watching?

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