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This past Wednesday (Sept. 22), ABC’s sophomore comedy Cougar Town made a triumphant return to prime-time with a former friend in tow. Pour yourself a glass of wine and get past the brashness of the title because this is the best show you’re not watching.

For its second season, Cougar Town – starring Courteney Cox as Jules, a 40-something, newly-divorced woman on the lookout for love – was nearly renamed The Family Jules. In fear of losing potential viewers, producers considered a name change for the show because the plot was no longer about Cox’s character dating younger men in their 20’s. Jules is currently seeing her age-appropriate neighbor Greyson.

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I have to admit that I thought Gossip Girl was all but finished after last season. There was the awful threesome storyline with Hilary Duff, the annoying assassin game, and Little J’s desperate attempts to bed Chuck and Nate for which she succeeded with the former. In my opinion, I wouldn’t have blinked if the series was cancelled. That all changed tonight.

I don’t know what the writers are doing this season, but they are doing something right. Starting out the season in Paris was genius and the scene between Chuck and Blair at the train station tonight was epic. Let’s just hope they can transition this magic back into the Upper East Side when the whole gang reunites next week. And keep Little J as far away as possible. I think we’re all better off without her.

HBO’s hit drama True Blood ended its third season Sunday night (Sept. 12). And to many fans’ disappointment, it ended with many feeling duped. Alan Ball, what happened?

True Blood used to be the show to talk about at the water cooler on Monday morning. But, I almost felt like I had to force myself to watch the entire season. At times I couldn’t even bare it.

I took it upon myself to let series creator Alan Ball know how to save his one-time hit vampire saga:

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Former Hills star Lauren Conrad may be making a return to reality television, according to Us Weekly.

The fashion designer and New York Times bestselling author shot to fame on MTV’s Laguna Beach and eventually lead her way on her very own spin-off The Hills before opting to leave last year.

It has been suggested that several networks are very interested in handing Conrad a brand-new reality show centered around her life.

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Mischa Barton recently sat down and gushed about her time on FOX’s The O.C. While I was very into the smash series when it aired, Barton couldn’t think of one good thing to say about the teen soap.

She said, “As fun as it was and cool as it was, it spawned all these reality TV shows like The Real O.C. and The Real Laguna or whatever. That’s gotten a bit out of control… For me, it’s a bit funny because I feel like I almost aided the problem for young girls and for that genre.”

You’re more of a trainwreck than Marissa Cooper ever was. And Mischa, the funny part about all of this is the fact that you thought you were too talented and quit the show. And your career died soon after.

I literally just got finished watching the season premiere of The Vampire Diaries and wow. That was amazing. May I say epic? There were a few moments where I literally had my jaw wide open. And that doesn’t happen often for me. Not in a while has a television series come along that has amazing writers, brilliant actors (a nod to Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder), and superb story lines. Do I honestly have to wait a whole week for another round? Keep reading if you wish to know more about tonight’s episode. (Warning: Spoilers Ahead)

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